Tropical Spotlight: Franjazzco (GRZ)


Whilst his name has just recently started to spread worldwide as a trademark for authentic Chicago Footwork tracks, Franjazzco has been one of the most passionate and enthusiastic players in Vienna’s underground dance music scene within the last decade.

With more than fifteen years of experience as DJ, producer, editor and radio host on his back and yet a neverendig curiousity for fresh sounds, he has lately been one of the central figures of the strongly expanding Juke/Footwork scene in Europe and worldwide.

Besides being one of the driving forces behind the World Wide Juke compilation series, he has recently launched his own label Footwork Frenzy with some of the genre’s most inspired artists on his roster, including Teklife’s DJ Earl, Chicago’s legendary Jana Rush or upcoming talent DJ Chap from Denver – and, last but not least, Franjazzco himself.

So far, his releases on both imprints as well as Graz-based disko404 label have received massive feedback by the likes of DJ Rashad (Hyperdub), Machinedrum (Planet Mu), RP Boo (Planet Mu), DJ Clent (Juke Trax), Hesk (Loose Squares), Soulphiction (Philpot) and loads more.

Franjazzco’s rich musical background and extensive knowledge not only reveal in the choice of samples in his productions, but even more in his eclectic, dynamic DJ sets – depending on time, crowd and overall vibe, you might be able to hear the dustiest Soul, Funk and Jazz, the dopest Hip Hop, the deepest House or the most booming Basslines, always picked with loads of surprises and probably some airhorns!

Out now: Footwork Frenzy EP (Footwork Frenzy / AT), Split EP (disko404 / AT)

Out soon: Kush By The Pound EP (Footwork Frenzy / AT)

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